Armbandjes bedrukken of laser graveren? Graveren is vanaf 50 stuks goedkoper!

Print bracelets or laser engrave them? Engraving is cheaper from 50 pieces!

Have you ever thought about the choice between printing bracelets or having them engraved? It may seem like a small detail, but this decision can have a big impact, especially if you plan to order in bulk. Consider, for example, promotional material for an event or unique gifts for employees. In this article we dive into the world of personalizing bracelets and discover why engraving from 50 pieces is often the most cost-effective option. does both engraving and printing of bracelets for women and men

Personalizing bracelets, whether by printing or engraving, is a popular choice for both promotional purposes and personal gifts. These little accessories can leave a lasting impression, especially if they are customized to the recipient or event. But if you have a bulk order, such as for an event or as a gift for employees, it is important to make the right choice between printing and engraving.

Printing Bracelets

Printing is a process in which a design is applied directly to the surface of the bracelet. This can be done with different techniques, such as screen printing or digital printing. The advantages of printing are:

1. Colorful and Eye-catching : Printing uses ink, allowing you to use a wide range of colors. This is ideal for vibrant and eye-catching designs.
2. Cost-saving for Small Quantities : Printing can often be cheaper for small orders.
3. Fast Production Time : Printing is usually a faster process, which can be useful if you have a tight deadline.

Engraving Bracelets

With engraving, the design is cut or etched into the material of the bracelet. This gives a more subtle and refined finish. The advantages of engraving are:

1. Durability : An engraved design will not fade and resist wear and tear. This makes it ideal for items that will last a long time.
2. Professional Appearance : Engraving gives a chic and high-quality look, which is great for corporate gifts or formal events.
3. Cost-effective for Large Quantities : Although engraving can be more expensive initially due to the start-up costs, it often becomes cheaper per piece for large orders, such as 50 pieces or more.

Why Engraving is Often Preferred for Large Orders

For larger quantities, engraving often becomes the most cost-effective option. This is due to the lower variable costs per item. After the initial setup, which can be a bit more expensive, the costs for engraving each additional bracelet are relatively low. This is in contrast to printing, where the costs per piece drop less sharply with large quantities. Furthermore, the durability of engraved bracelets is an important advantage for items that are intended to be worn for a long time.

In conclusion, the choice between printing and engraving depends on various factors such as the number of bracelets you need, your budget, the desired appearance and the urgency of the order. For larger quantities and a durable, elegant appearance, engraving is often the best choice. For smaller quantities or when color and speed are more important, printing may be a better option.

Order laser engraved bracelets as a promotional gift

In a world where personalization and unique identity are central, it is not surprising that personalized jewelry, especially bracelets, is gaining popularity. But if you are considering personalizing bracelets for your company, event or as a special gift, you are faced with an important choice: print bracelets or laser engrave them? And did you know that engraving from 50 pieces is often cheaper? This comprehensive guide delves deep into this intriguing question, exploring the benefits of both techniques and why engraving prevails in larger quantities.

What is Bracelet Printing?

The Basics of Printing

Bracelet printing is a process in which ink is applied directly to the surface of the bracelet. This technique is ideal for displaying colorful and complex designs. It is a popular choice for temporary events or promotional purposes.

Advantages of Printing

  1. Colorful Designs : Ideal for logos and graphic designs.
  2. Fast Production : Usually faster than engraving.
  3. Cost-effective for Small Quantities : Economical for less than 50 pieces.

What is Laser Engraving?

The Art of Engraving

Laser engraving is a sophisticated technique that uses a laser to permanently etch the design into the material of the bracelet. This ensures a durable and elegant finish.

Benefits of Laser Engraving

  1. Durability : Designs do not fade and are durable.
  2. Premium Appearance : Provides an elegant and professional look.
  3. Adaptability : Suitable for a wide range of materials.

Cost comparison: Printing versus Engraving

When does engraving become cheaper?

When producing more than 50 pieces, laser engraving often proves cheaper. This is due to the economies of scale and lower variable costs compared to printing.

The Cost Breakdown

  1. Start-up costs : Engraving has higher initial costs, but these are compensated for larger quantities.
  2. Material costs : Laser engraving does not use ink, which saves costs for larger volumes.

Sustainability and Quality: A Deeper Dive

The Lifespan of Printed versus Engraved Bracelets

  1. Printed Bracelets : Prone to wear and tear and fade over time.
  2. Engraved Bracelets : Remain intact for years without loss of quality.

Customization Options: Unlimited Possibilities

Creative Freedom with Printing and Engraving

Both techniques offer unique possibilities for customization, where engraving excels in finesse and printing in colorfulness.

Environmental Considerations: What is More Sustainable?

The Impact on the Environment

Laser engraving is generally more environmentally friendly than printing because it requires no ink or chemicals.

Applications: Where and When to Use?

Printing versus Engraving in Different Contexts

  1. Promotional Events : Printing is often more suitable.
  2. Business Gifts : Engraving adds a personal and professional touch.

Customer Preferences: What Do People Prefer?

Trends and Preferences in the Market

Consumers are trending towards engraved bracelets for long-lasting quality and a more elegant look.

Future Developments: What Does the Future Bring?

Innovations in personalization techniques

Technology is constantly evolving, with new possibilities in both printing and engraving.


The choice between printing and engraving of bracelets depends on several factors, including the intended use, the desired appearance, the budget, and the quantity required. For larger orders, especially above 50 pieces, laser engraving is often the most cost-effective and durable option. With its long-lasting quality and elegant appearance, engraving is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a unique and personal gift or promotional item.

If you want to have a personal text engraved on a bracelet at, there are a few steps you can follow:

  1. Choose the Bracelet : First you need to choose a suitable bracelet for engraving. probably offers different styles and materials, such as silver, gold, leather or stainless steel. Choose a bracelet that suits your style and the message you want to convey.

  2. Determine the Text : Think about the text you want to have engraved. This can be something personal such as a name, a date, a special message, or a quote that inspires you. Take the space on the bracelet into account; a shorter text often works better.

  3. Choose the Font : Some websites offer different fonts for the engraving. Choose a font that matches the style of the bracelet and the text.

  4. Place the Order : Enter the desired text on the website when ordering the bracelet. Check the text carefully for typographical errors.

  5. Additional Options : Sometimes you can choose additional options, such as adding symbols, a back engraving, or special packaging.

  6. Confirm and Pay : Once you have checked your order and are satisfied with your choice, you can confirm and pay for the order.

  7. Awaiting Delivery : After placing the order, will engrave the bracelet and send it to you. Delivery time may vary so please check this when ordering.

Remember that an engraved bracelet is a very personal gift, so take the time to choose the perfect text and style!

Printing Bracelets versus Engraving Bracelets: A Comparison of Durability and Quality

In the world of jewelry and accessories, the quality and durability of a product is essential. At, with a history dating back to 1999, we have specialized in engraving bracelets. Unlike printed bracelets, which often suffer from wear and tear, engraving offers a long-lasting quality that can stand the test of time. In this blog we delve deeper into the differences between printing and engraving, and we explain why engraving is preferred at

engrave or print bracelet

Part 1: Printing Bracelets – A Short Term Solution

Printing bracelets is a popular method for personalizing jewelry. The process involves applying a design or text directly to the surface of the bracelet using ink. While this can be a quick and cost-effective way to create a unique piece, there are drawbacks to this method:

  1. Scratch-sensitive : Printed bracelets are susceptible to scratches and wear. The ink lays on the surface of the bracelet and can be easily damaged by everyday use.
  2. Wear from use : Over time, the ink may fade or flake off, especially when exposed to water or chemicals such as perfumes and cleaning products.
  3. Limitation in materials : Not all materials are suitable for printing, which can limit the choices in materials.

Bracelet Printing and Engraving for a Gift: Delivery Within 1 Day

Imagine you have a special occasion tomorrow, and you're still looking for that perfect gift. You want something personal, unique and preferably delivered quickly. What is the ideal solution then? A printed or engraved bracelet of course! But how do you ensure that this gift is not only special, but also reaches you on time? In this article we reveal the secret to creating the perfect personalized bracelet, with one day delivery.

Why Personalized Bracelets?

Personalized bracelets are more than just jewelry; they tell a story. Every design, every engraving, carries a message. It's like a letter, but in the form of a bracelet. Whether it's a name, a special date or a meaningful symbol, personalizing a bracelet makes it an unforgettable and very personal gift.

The Magic of Printing and Engraving

Printing and engraving bracelets is an art form. It transforms a simple piece of jewelry into a wearable work of art. Think of engraving as whispering a secret into metal, while printing makes the canvas colorful and vibrant.

Choosing the Perfect Bracelet

Choosing the right bracelet is like choosing the right words for a poem. It should match the style and personality of the recipient. Consider materials such as silver, gold or even leather for a unique touch.

The Design Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

Designing your bracelet is a journey of creativity. Start by choosing the type of bracelet and finish by adding personal details. Each step in this process makes the gift more special and more 'personal'.

Materials and Sustainability

Sustainability is essential. Choose materials that last a long time and retain their beauty. Consider stainless steel or sterling silver for a durable choice.

Delivery within 1 Day: How is that possible?

Delivery within one day sounds like a fairy tale, but with modern technology and efficient logistics this is a reality. This means that even last-minute gifts arrive on time.

For every occasion

Whether for a birthday, anniversary or simply as a token of appreciation, a personalized bracelet is suitable for any occasion. It is a timeless gift that is always appreciated.

Tips for a Successful Design

When designing your bracelet, think of balance, harmony and meaning. Less is often more; a simple design can be powerful.

Costs and Value for money

The costs of printing and engraving bracelets vary, but the emotional value is priceless. Look for options that are both affordable and high quality.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Read what others say about their experiences. Customer reviews can help you make the best choice and build trust in the service.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does printing and engraving take? The process can be completed within hours, depending on the design.

  2. Can I submit my own design? Yes, most companies are open to personal designs.

  3. What if I am not satisfied with the product? Many companies offer a satisfaction guarantee and return policy.

  4. Are there any restrictions on what I can have engraved? There are some restrictions, but these vary by company.

  5. How do I care for my engraved bracelet? Regular cleaning and avoidance of harsh chemicals keeps the bracelet beautiful.

A personalized bracelet is a thoughtful, unique and timeless gift. With the fast delivery option you can surprise someone even at the last minute. Unleash your creativity and create a memory that will last a lifetime.

Examples of bracelet engravings as a gift

Engraved bracelets are a popular choice for both fashion accessories and personal gifts. The engraving makes each piece unique and can take different shapes and styles. Here are some examples:

  1. Name Bracelets : These bracelets are engraved with names. They are a common choice for parents who want to bear the names of their children, or as gifts for partners, engraving the name of the loved one.

  2. Date Engravings : Important dates such as anniversaries, birthdays or special occasions can be engraved on a bracelet. This is a beautiful way to remember a special day.

  3. Inspirational Quotes : Bracelets with inspirational or motivational quotes are very popular. These can be general statements or personal messages that inspire or give courage to the wearer.

  4. Coordinate Bracelets : Engraving geographic coordinates of a special place is a unique way to carry a memory of that location. This could be the place where someone was born, married, or another meaningful location.

  5. Fingerprint Bracelets : A very personal form of engraving is the use of a fingerprint. This can be an emotional gift, especially if the fingerprint belongs to a loved one.

  6. Symbol Engravings : Symbols such as hearts, infinity signs or religious icons can also be engraved on bracelets, often accompanied by names or dates.

  7. Handwritten Messages : Some jewelers offer the option to engrave a handwritten message. This makes the bracelet extremely personal and unique.

  8. Medical Information : For people with certain medical conditions, wearing a bracelet with essential medical information can be lifesaving.

  9. Initial Bracelets : Simple yet elegant, these bracelets contain the initials of the person wearing them or a loved one. It is a subtle way to add a personal touch to a piece of jewelry.

  10. Engraved Charm Bracelets : These bracelets have small charms attached to the bracelet, each engraved with different symbols, names, or dates. This type of bracelet can grow over time by adding new charms.

  11. Sound Wave Bracelets : A unique modern concept in which the sound wave of a voice recording or a song is engraved on the bracelet. This could be a recording of a loved one or a piece of a special song.

  12. Family Pedigree Bracelets : These bracelets contain the names or initials of family members, arranged in the form of a family tree. They symbolize family ties and heritage.

  13. Zodiac Sign Engravings : For those who have an affinity for astrology, bracelets can be engraved with zodiac signs or symbols that represent a specific zodiac sign.

  14. Bracelets with Secret Messages : Sometimes the engraving is placed on the inside of the bracelet so that it remains a private message known only to the wearer.

  15. Quote from Favorite Books or Movies : For the literature or movie lovers, quotes from their favorite books or movies can have deep meaning when engraved on a bracelet.

Each of these types of engraving bracelets can be customized to individual style and preferences, and made from different materials such as gold, silver, stainless steel or even leather. This personal touch makes each bracelet unique and valuable to the wearer.

    These examples demonstrate the versatility and emotional value that engraved bracelets can have, making them a meaningful gift or treasured personal item.

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